The only in-depth research service on MSS
The first service combining regularly updated strategic assessments
on Mobile Satellite Services with detailed market projections by
operator, analysis of breaking news and the option for custom
analyst consultations
Nov 2006 report (press release,
table of contents) discussed the
evolution of Inmarsat distribution
structures, the handheld MSS market,
BGAN, ATC spectrum valuations
and Connexion-by-Boeing
Ten detailed 20-60 page profiles of leading MSS operators, including
five year subscriber and revenue projections, published every two months
Analysis of breaking news and implications for the MSS sector
Option of bundled analyst time for custom phone consultations,
strategy workshops or review of business opportunities
Individual company profiles are also available for one-off purchase
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Three 45-70 page reports per year on developments in the MSS
market, exclusive to subscribers, published in March, July and
Mar 2007 report (press release,
table of contents) discussed the
consequences of Globalstar's satellite
problems, the role of satellites in the
mobile TV market, and funding
prospects for new MSS systems
Inmarsat (Nov 2006, updated 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and Aug 2014)
Globalstar (released Jan 2007, updated 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and Nov 2014)
Orbcomm (released Mar 2007, updated 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and Dec 2013)
LightSquared/SkyTerra (released Jun 2007, updated Jun 2008, Jun 2009, Oct 2010 and Dec 2013)
Stratos takeover bid (Mar 2007)
Globalstar results and new pricing plans (Apr 2007)
XM-Sirius merger (Apr 2007)
We also produce longer publications with extended analysis of
new developments in the satellite industry, including
ATC, Satellite Radio and Other Hybrid MSS Networks and
The In-flight Passenger Communications Market
ICO's mobile video plans (May 2007)
Iridium (released Jul 2007, updated Aug 2008, Aug 2009, Jun 2010, Oct 2011, Dec 2012, Apr 2014)
Jul 2007 report (press release, table of contents) discussed
the size of the MSS terminal equipment market, the long
term prospects (and valuation) for Stratos, TerreStar's launch
delay, Fleet Broadband services, Inmarsat's handheld plans
the outlook for MSS voice pricing
"You’ve got a good grasp
of the big picture - your
reports are very helpful"
- Gary Hebb,
General Manager,
EMS Satcom
Thuraya (released Oct 2007, updated 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and Jul 2014)
MSS handheld revenues (Aug 2007)
European 2GHz spectrum bidders (Sep 2007)
Nov 2007 report (table of contents) discussed the prospects
for low data rate and handheld MSS services, including
Globalstar's new SPOT product, plus the size of Inmarsat's
Fleet and BGAN market and Globalstar's ATC lease with
Open Range Communications
"We get great value out
of your reports"
- Tim Johnson,
Director of Market Strategy,
Iridium Satellite
Mar 2008 report (press release, table of contents) discussed the
prospects for aeronautical and maritime broadband services, the
slowdown in the handheld MSS market, Inmarsat's strategic
challenges, recent spectrum auctions and disappointments for
mobile TV
Update on 700MHz auction (Feb 2008)
ATC financing transactions (Apr 2008)
Dual mode satellite phones (May 2008)
Nov 2008 report (table of contents) discussed the outlook for MSS
handheld services, the business case for Globalstar's SPOT tracker,
Globalstar's ATC approval and funding requirements, the outlook for
industry consolidation, the results of in-flight cellular trials and provided
an updated view on growth in the MSS services market
View our June 2008
presentation of
Perspectives on MSS
The proposed merger of Inmarsat and Skyterra (Aug 2008)
Jul 2008 report (table of contents) discussed the size of the MSS
services market and growth prospects by segment, developments
in the S-band MSS spectrum and the prospects for mobile TV in this
band, Inmarsat's satellite reclocking, Iridium's proposal for hosted
payloads, Globalstar's outlook, and Harbinger's bid for Inmarsat
Mar 2009 report (table of contents) discussed the prospects for
maritime broadband revenues, including KVH's new mini-VSAT
service, the long term opportunity for BGAN, the rationale for
Echostar's interest in Sirius XM and the associated business case for
satellite radio, and the problems with Inmarsat's new satellite phone
Jul 2009 report (table of contents) discussed government demand for MSS,
the satellite-cellular roaming opportunity, Globalstar's new funding, Inmarsat's
investment in Skywave and the latest news about Inmarsat and Iridium's new
satellite phones
Mar 2010 report (table of contents) discussed the prospects for Ka-band
mobility services, the outlook for ATC after Harbinger's announcement of
its planned network, recent developments in in-flight connectivity and the
results of our TerreStar Genus phone testing
TerreStar/DBSD (released Jan 2010, updated Oct 2011)
Nov 2009 report (table of contents) discussed the outlook for ATC and
spectrum values, the growth prospects for in-flight communications and
the competition between maritime VSAT and Inmarsat's FleetBroadband,
as well as updates on Globalstar and Iridium
Jul 2010 report (table of contents) discussed the outlook for the handheld
MSS market, recent MSS-ATC developments, the growth in maritime
VSAT and new competitors for the SPOT personal tracker
Nov 2010 report (table of contents) discussed the prospects for Inmarsat's
new Ka-band system, recent MSS-ATC developments including the
TerreStar bankruptcy, analyzes TerreStar and Inmarsat's new handheld
phones, discusses developments in in-flight communications and examines
the financial status of Iridium and Globalstar
Mar 2011 report (table of contents) analyzed the design of Inmarsat's Global
Xpress system, discussed the outlook for LightSquared, TerreStar and
DBSD, updated our analysis on the handheld market and assessed usage data
and the impact of Ka-band systems on the in-flight connectivity market
Jul 2011 report (table of contents) analyzed developments in personal
tracking, including the outlook for Globalstar's SPOT, discussed MSS-ATC
spectrum issues and provided updates on the handheld market, regional
Ka-band and broadband data pricing
Nov 2011 report (table of contents) provided long term MSS market growth
projections, discussed LightSquared and DISH's spectrum plans, analyzed
Inmarsat's maritime market challenges and projected future in-flight
connectivity growth
SiriusXM (released May 2012)
Mar 2012 report (table of contents) discussed the implications of Inmarsat's price
rises, Gogo's IPO filing, MSS spectrum issues and handheld satellite phone sales
Jul 2012 report (table of contents) discussed challenges in the Ka-band market,
MSS spectrum issues, Iridium's ADS-B project, the Globalstar-TAS arbitration
and in-flight connectivity developments
Nov 2012 report (table of contents) discussed Inmarsat's investor day,
MSS spectrum issues and the US wireless market, the MSS Low Data Rate
market, recent pricing initiatives and in-flight connectivity developments
Mar 2013 report (table of contents) discussed the handheld MSS market,
MSS spectrum issues, maritime market developments, Globalstar and Iridium's
financial situations, Row44 and MSS M2M developments
DISH's wireless ambitions (May 2013)
Jul 2013 report (table of contents) discussed MSS spectrum issues,
Globalstar's refinancing and TLPS, Aireon, inReach, Gogo vs Row44,
ViaSat-2 and handheld market developments
DISH Network (released May 2013)
Winter 2013 report (table of contents) discussed terrestrial spectrum
developments, the prospects for Inmarsat's Global Xpress system, results for
inflight connectivity providers, and new products in the handheld market
Gogo (released Jun 2013)
Summer 2014 report (table of contents) discussed spectrum developments, the
inflight communications market, including Gogo's investor day, and recent
developments for
WorldVu, Globalstar, Inmarsat and KVH
Spring 2014 report (table of contents) discussed LightSquared, DISH and
European MSS spectrum, the inflight communications market and recent
developments for Inmarsat, Iridium and Globalstar