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Proposed Skyterra/Inmarsat Merger Renews Focus on Satellite
Spectrum Value
MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug.12. /PRNewswire/ -- Telecom, Media and
Finance Associates, Inc. (TMF Associates), the specialist Mobile Satellite
Services (MSS) consulting firm, today released its new analysis of the
proposed Skyterra/Inmarsat merger, and its updated profile of Iridium.

The Iridium profile is part of a series, giving detailed five year revenue
forecasts by segment for all six of the leading MSS operators, while the
merger analysis examines developments since TMF Associates’ original
prediction earlier this year that Harbinger would bid for Inmarsat in the
near future.

Tim Farrar, author of the research, commented “Doubts have grown over
the last year about whether the re-use of MSS spectrum in terrestrial
networks, referred to as Ancillary Terrestrial Components or ATC, will
ever happen. The proposed merger of Skyterra and Inmarsat will go a
long way towards making the deployment of ATC in North America more
feasible. However, wireless operators may not have any reason to focus
on potential ATC spectrum acquisitions until the level of demand for 4G
data services (such as Clearwire’s WiMAX deployment) is better
understood, which will take until late 2010. As a result, we believe that
Harbinger may need to invest billions of dollars in a wireless operator in
order to facilitate an earlier partnership. While the core MSS business of
operators like Iridium and Inmarsat remains strong, particular in maritime
and aeronautical services, the level of demand for the integrated satellite-
terrestrial services proposed by Skyterra is uncertain. Widespread
consumer acceptance of such services will be critical if Harbinger is
ultimately to realize a return on its investments in the MSS sector.”

The reports form part of TMF Associates’ information service on Mobile
Satellite Services. Subscribers include many leading satellite operators,
equipment manufacturers, distributors and investors in the sector.
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