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In-flight cellular services may be not be profitable for airlines, slowing
future deployment (Sept 29, 2006)
Shutdown of Connexion-by-Boeing service highlights pitfalls of in-flight
passenger communications  businesses (Aug 17, 2006)
DirecTV’s Exit from AWS Spectrum Auction Refocuses Attention on
Mobile Satellite Spectrum (Aug 15, 2006)
Shutdown of Connexion-by-Boeing Service Predicted; Latest in a
Long Line of Failed Aeronautical Passenger Communications
Businesses (Jun 28, 2006)
Mobile Satellite Services Could Capture 16 Million Users by 2015,
via Partnerships with Satellite TV Operators and Others (Feb 2, 2006)
Failed Boeing-Led Satellite Launch Augurs Ill for Commercial Ventures
With Sea Launch out of commission at least for many months, and foreign launch
capacity already constrained, it is likely to be "incredibly tough finding another
launch slot" for satellites weighing as much as 13,000 pounds, said Tim Farrar, a
satellite consultant in Menlo Park, Calif. (Wall Street Journal, Feb 1, 2007)
High-tech business strategy dies with Boeing's flying Web service
"I don't think there's anything else on the horizon that will provide global
broadband connectivity," said Tim Farrar, president of satellite-communications
consultancy Telecom, Media and Finance (TMF) Associates..."Inflight
connectivity businesses have always been overhyped, and the forecasts have
been enormous," Farrar said. "Projecting multibillion-dollar opportunities from
nothing is a risky business." (
Seattle Times, Aug 18, 2006)
Satellite-TV Firms Bow Out of Airwaves Auction
Some analysts suggested DirecTV would consider a deal to acquire or partner
with Mobile Satellite Ventures, a small satellite company that owns the rights to
radio spectrum that can be used for mobile Internet services. Tim Farrar,
president of TMF Associates, a satellite-industry consulting firm, says MSV and
DirecTV have explored a deal in the past, but couldn't agree on price. The
satellite companies' withdrawal from the auction will immediately change the
dynamic, he says. "Clearly, the chances of a deal being done just went up
dramatically," Mr. Farrar said. (Wall Street Journal, Aug 17, 2006)
Globalstar and Orbcomm IPOs highlight re-emergence of Mobile
Satellite Services and need for detailed examination of market potential
(Nov 7, 2006)
Farrar to head Mobile Satellite Users Association (Nov 16, 2006)
TV groups look for new partners
"The exit of WirelessDBS [the DirectTV/Echostar entity formed to bid for the
spectrum] from the auction means that DirecTV and Echostar will now have to
focus on alternative sources of spectrum," said Tim Farrar, president of
California- based Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, a specialist mobile
satellite services consulting firm (Financial Times, Aug 18, 2006)
Globalstar’s announcement of satellite problems may have serious
consequences for users of mobile satellite services (Feb 6, 2007)
New report highlights the challenges that mobile satellite operators will
face in funding new systems (Mar 19, 2007)
Opinions Rise on XM-Sirius Plan
Tim Farrar...argued that consumers do have choices in their cars -- and regularly
exercise their options with their wallets...Farrar's group did not take a position for
or against the merger but said that consumers have choices, including not to
subscribe to satellite radio at all. "There is a choice between paying or not paying,"
Farrar said. "Terrestrial radio is an alternative. I may not feel it's worth paying
$12.95 for satellite radio, because terrestrial radio gives me what I want."
Washington Post, Apr 11, 2007)
NAB/Carmel Group white paper fundamentally misinterprets the
competitive environment for satellite radio, satellite consultant claims
(Apr 10, 2007)
Globalstar shares fall on satellite warnings
Tim Farrar of TMF Associates, a leading satellite expert, said Globalstar has
roughly an 80 per cent market share of the 150,000 MSS voice handsets in use
within North America and suggested that the satellite problems could cause major
upheaval in the MSS market. "Faced with the prospect that Globalstar's current
satellites may no longer be able to support voice services by sometime in 2008,
and that these services will remain largely unavailable until a new constellation is
launched in 2009-2010, users may need to look elsewhere for a reliable MSS
voice service," he said (Financial Times, Feb 7, 2007)
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Mobile Satellite Spectrum Valuations Will Not Match Terrestrial
Benchmarks, New Report Claims (Oct 30, 2007)
AT&T launching mobile TV service, but who will watch?
"Without a clear block of time like commuting on the subway it’s just not clear
there will be that many people willing to pay for the service," says Tim Farrar,
president of research firm Telecom, Media and Finance Associates."
CNNMoney, Mar 28, 2008)
New report highlights growth opportunities in Mobile Satellite
Services and challenges for equipment manufacturers, distributors
(Jul 9, 2007)
Lufthansa Plans Internet Access For Long Flights
Lufthansa's plans are being shaped partly by hard-to-predict social factors, such
as passenger reactions to anticipated noise and interruptions stemming from
airborne cellphones. On long-haul routes, the concept of voice services "really
seems to have slowed down recently," primarily due "to worries about how
premium passengers would react," said Tim Farrar, a satellite-industry consultant
in Menlo Park, Calif. (Wall Street Journal, Aug 1, 2007)
Cable Giants Talk WiMAX
"Short of buying a wireless carrier, this joint venture is the best wireless option
for the cable companies to date," said Tim Farrar, president of Telecom Media
and Finance Associates. "However I am not so sure that a quadruple play service
involving WiMAX solves the cable operators competitive problems with the
telcos." (
Red Herring, Mar 26, 2008)
Maritime and Aeronautical Broadband will Drive Growth in Mobile
Satellite Services, New Report Claims (Apr 1, 2008)
Inmarsat receives takeover signal
"Harbinger is definitely focusing on the value of Inmarsat's spectrum in a
potential ATC deployment, and is highly likely to combine Inmarsat with
SkyTerra," said Tim Farrar, a satellite industry expert with TMF Associates.
"It is less likely to result in a three-way merger with TerreStar because their
spectrum is in a different band." (Financial Times, Jul 8, 2008)
Proposed Skyterra/Inmarsat Merger Renews Focus on Satellite
Spectrum Value (Aug 12, 2008)
Satellites Destroyed in Orbital Collision
Pentagon officials will face a barrage of questions about how they missed such an
impending collision with an intact satellite, according to Tim Farrar, a satellite
consultant familiar with Iridium. Commercial satellites are "routinely repositioned
to avoid potential collision with smaller pieces of debris," said Mr. Farrar
(Wall Street Journal, Feb 12, 2009)
Satellite Operators on Solid Ground
Industry consultant Tim Farrar said that despite recent results for leading
operators, "there are signs of concern for what happens a year or two down
the road." (Wall Street Journal, Mar 13, 2009)
Lufthansa to Upgrade to Better Wireless Connections
"The biggest issue remains sustainability," said Tim Farrar, a satellite-industry
consultant in Menlo Park, Calif. "You still can't expect passenger revenue to
cover all the costs."  (Wall Street Journal, Oct 12, 2009)
Satellite Phone Plan Aims High
"When people say they want to use their phone anywhere, they generally mean
the third-level underground in a parking garage or an elevator shaft. They don't
usually mean on top of a mountain in the Sierra Nevada," said Tim Farrar, a
satellite-industry consultant. Mr. Farrar said there is certainly a market of a few
million people that Mr. Falcone could target, but marketing to them would be
challenging.  (Wall Street Journal, Apr 27, 2009)
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Where are the mile-high hookups?
"There won't be enough paying users of in-flight broadband for both network
providers and airlines to make a profit on the cost of deploying equipment and
running a network," [Tim Farrar] says. "Not in a million years." (
Nov 11, 2009)
Iridium secures funding for $2.9bn satellite project
Tim Farrar, satellite analyst at Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, said it could
prove difficult to justify the heavy investment currently going into mobile satellite
systems. "The whole sector is probably worth around $1bn a year, but you are
seeing around $8bn of capital expenditure going into it. It is going to take a very
long time to see a return on that unless there is a dramatic uplift in growth in the
sector," he said. (Financial Times, Jun 2, 2010)
Special Report: Phil Falcone's riskiest trade ever?
"There are some arguments for putting a high valuation on the spectrum but a lot of
it comes down to supply and demand," said Farrar, one of the experts in the DBSD
bankruptcy. "If there were plenty of buyers and not many sellers a fairly high
valuation could be realistic, but that isn't the case right now." (
Reuters, Aug 26, 2010)
Falcone Quest
"All sorts of people get excited by satellite," says Tim Farrar, a longtime industry
analyst, about outsiders who want to break into the business. "Most who are in
this business say, 'Oh, there’s another sucker!' " (
Vanity Fair, July, 2011)
Harbinger Capital's Philip Falcone sued by investors over $3bn broadband bet
Ms Schad claims that LightSquared is "facing insolvency", citing industry analyst
Tim Farrar who said after the US FCC ruling that LightSquared "must now consider
whether to file for bankruptcy and preserve its resources for the inevitable litigation
fights, or continue pretending that all of its problems can be overcome while its cash
drains away".  (
Sunday Telegraph, February 18, 2012)